Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Rapid City, SD

Electrical issues can be really frustrating. Not only can they affect multiple systems within your heavy-duty truck all at once, but they can be pretty hard to find too! At Reed Repair, we’ve got the tools and diagnostic equipment needed to diagnose and repair any electrical issues that come our way.
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Mechanic performing diesel engine diagnostics and electrical system repairs on truck at Reed Repair

Common Truck Electrical Repairs by Reed Repair

Ignition System Malfunction

Are you having trouble starting your truck? If so, you more than likely have an issue with your ignition system. There is a wide array of electrical parts in your ignition system, all of which can malfunction and stop your truck from starting. For example, if your alternator fails, your battery won’t get any power, and your starter motor, glow plugs, and diesel fuel injectors won’t run! Fortunately, we here at Reed Repair have the necessary tools and equipment to tackle ignition system issues of all kinds! 

Lighting System Failure

Are your exterior or interior lights not working? If so, you may have a problem with the bulb itself or your electrical harness. Over time, bulbs will blow and need to be replaced. This is typically a super easy replacement to make and is one that many owners do themselves. However, if the fault lies with a damaged wiring harness, the solution gets a lot more complicated. Fortunately, Reed Repair has the tools and equipment to repair wiring harnesses of all kinds, regardless of the damage. 

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