General Diesel Repair Services in Rapid City, SD

When it comes to shipping and adjacent industries, there’s nothing like heavy-duty diesel trucks to get the job done. Although known for their durability and fuel efficiency, even these rugged vehicles need regular maintenance and repair to keep them running smoothly. At Reed Repair in Box Elder, South Dakota, we offer a wide range of diesel services to keep your truck running like new.
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Mechanic performing general diesel repairs on semi truck at Reed Repair

About Our General Diesel Repair Services

Maintenance Services for Diesel Trucks

Diesel trucks require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and to prevent costly repairs down the line. At Reed Repair, we offer a full range of maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. Our team of skilled mechanics has the experience and expertise needed to keep your diesel truck running at peak performance.

One of the most important maintenance services for diesel trucks is regular oil changes. Diesel engines generate a lot of heat, and oil helps to lubricate the engine and keep it cool. Over time, oil becomes contaminated with dirt and debris, which can lead to engine damage if not addressed thanks to both a loss of lubrication and general damage from the aforementioned contaminants. At Reed Repair, we use high-quality oil and filters to ensure your diesel engine is properly lubricated and protected.

Engine Repair and Rebuild Services

Diesel engines are known for their durability, but even the toughest engines can develop problems over time. If you're experiencing issues with your diesel engine, the team at Reed Repair is here to help. We offer a range of engine repair and rebuild services, including cylinder head rebuilds, engine block repairs, and turbocharger repairs. Our team has the expertise and equipment needed to diagnose and repair even the most complex engine problems.

One of the most common engine problems in diesel trucks is a failed turbocharger. A turbocharger helps to increase airflow into the engine, which in turn increases horsepower and torque. If your turbocharger is failing, you may notice a loss of power or increased exhaust smoke. Our team can quickly diagnose the issue and replace the turbocharger if necessary, getting you back on the road quickly.

Fuel System Services

The fuel system is another critical component in diesel trucks that needs regular attention. A clogged fuel filter can lead to reduced fuel flow, causing the engine to lose power and potentially causing damage thanks to the contaminants within the filter cycling into the engine. At Reed Repair, we offer comprehensive fuel system services, including fuel filter replacements and injector cleaning, to keep your diesel engine running smoothly.

At Reed Repair in Box Elder, South Dakota, we are dedicated to providing the best diesel services for our customers. Our team of skilled mechanics has the expertise and equipment needed to keep your diesel truck running like new. Whether you need routine maintenance or complex engine repairs, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your diesel truck.


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