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Your drivetrain is a complex set of moving parts designed to transfer power from your engine to your wheels. Starting with your transmission and ending with your axles, your drivetrain must be maintained on a regular basis and repaired when necessary.
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About Our Driveline Repair Services for Trucks & Fleets

Transmission & Transfer Case

Your transmission is the first step of your drivetrain. It’s responsible for optimizing your engine’s power using a variety of gears. This component is connected directly to a transfer case, which is responsible for engaging different drive modes. For example, most semi-trucks are rear-wheel drive, but some may have transfer cases that allow them to shift into six-wheel drive or even eight-wheel drive. Both components have a lubricant within them that must be swapped out on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend a service interval of 30 to 60 thousand miles.

Driveshafts and Axle Shafts

Your driveshafts and axle shafts are rotating pieces that transfer power from one component to another. Your primary driveshaft transfers power from your transmission to your first differential. Your secondary driveshafts move part of that power from your first differential to your second. The power that’s not taken by this secondary driveshaft goes down your axle shafts toward your wheels. The same power path happens in the second differential, minus a driveshaft. 


Your differentials are responsible for transferring power from your driveshaft in two directions. Most trucks use open differentials in an effort to allow both wheels to spin at different speeds in corners. This allows for maximum maneuverability and no tire screeching. Some trucks come with locking differentials which allow for 50% of the available power to be locked to each side. 

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