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We here at Reed Repair offer a wide variety of services for heavy and medium-duty diesel engines. From engine maintenance to entire rebuilds, we’ve got all your engine service needs covered. Call today to schedule an appointment for service.
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About Our Diesel Engine Repair Services

Maintaining a Diesel Engine

One of the most important things you can do for your heavy-duty truck is maintain its engine! This is a rather simple thing to do and isn’t too costly! First of all, change out your engine oil and oil filter once every 20 thousand miles! Secondly, flush out your coolant and replace it with new fluid once every 30 to 60 thousand miles! Thirdly, replace your fuel filters every time you do an oil change! Last but certainly not least, inspection should be your best friend! Inspect your drain plug leaks, keep an eye on your engine’s temperature, and monitor how your glow plugs and starter are performing! 

Our Diesel Engine Repair, Rebuild, and Conversion Services

Even the most well-maintained engines can break down and need repair over time. Fortunately, we here at Reed Repair have a wide array of engine repair services that are bound to meet your every need. We’ll even rebuild your engine or swap it out entirely if needed! Below you’ll find a list of common engine repair services we perform. 

Head Gasket Repair

Your head gasket separates your cylinder head and cylinder block. If put under too much pressure for a prolonged period of time, this gasket may blow and cause serious engine damage! We here at Reed Repair will repair blown head gaskets as well as any issues caused by them! To avoid blowing your head gasket, ensure you never drive your truck while your engine is overheating! Too much heat and your engine will fail in catastrophic fashion! 

Engine Rebuilds

Sometimes rebuilding your engine is the best path to take. It can happen for a variety of reasons, but the two most common are definitely severe damage and old age. Damage that’s damaged beyond repair may have to be taken apart entirely and rebuilt with new components. Old engines on the other hand may require a rebuild from the ground up simply because they’re too worn down. Fortunately, we here at Reed Repair are more than capable of rebuilding engines of all kinds! 

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